Mission Liberia

Hello to you all, or should I say Ya Hello-o ( means hello to you all in Liberia ). I’m very happy to announce that I will be heading over to the great continent of Africa, Liberia to be exact, to team up with my local church to help impact and out reach to the communities in need. I can’t wait to share with you exactly what we will be doing over there but first let me properly introduce my self so you can get to know a little about me.

My name is Austin Carmody.  I’m just an ordinary, 24-year-old guy, wanting to do extraordinary things. I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, thankfully, there will be ninety-nine problems to prepare for but the heat ain’t one of them… okay sorry I won’t make anymore Jay-Z references ( no promises ). Recently I made one of the hardest decisions of my life and that was to leave my job, which I’ll talk more on this in future post, to pursue something I strongly feel called to do at this point in my life. I’ve always thought of myself as just a normal, nothing special, cookie cutter guy, but I’m finding out that GOD might not think so. However what I do know is that I strongly feel called to help others that truly need help right now! Are the journey’s ahead frightening… yes! Far… probably too far! Necessary… I think so! Impactful… with out a doubt! My wish is for you to join me along the way, so as I’m on my journeys to bring change I might be a little light of encouragement to let you know YOU are remarkable and you can make a change in the world no matter how unremarkable you feel. Okay enough mushy stuff, lets jump into the good stuff. What I’ll be doing over in Liberia!

If you follow me along the way, you will see a lot of quotes from my favorite pastor Steven Furtick to help encourage me and I hope they will encourage you as well!

I will be heading over to Liberia with my local church CCV. We will be teaming up a partner in Kakata, where Liberia has a community church and school. We will be helping develop the Community, church, and school with over a 1000 children enrolled. We will also be helping them in local service projects, soccer clinics, and children’s activities. The Emphasis of the trip will be Soccer clinics and Tournaments, and VBS/ children’s activities with the kids in the schools. Here is a link to CCV’s missions page so you can checkout the trip for yourself,  Liberia Mission!

liberia 3
So I’m the one that’s suppose be helping these kids with soccer… but I think I might be the one doing the learning!

Oh and one last thing! I’m not one to boast but I made some pretty awesome hats. I made these hats so that I can help tell a story of where I’m going and where I’ve been to help bring a little change to the world. But what makes these hats even cooler is, I’ve created these hats because I know we all have a purpose in life and we all have this gut feeling of what that might be but fear and doubt drowned out the purpose. So I really made these hats to help remind you that you were created for a purpose, ON PURPOSE. ( If you’re already living for your purpose then awesome… but there still sweet hats and you should buy one anyways )! Tap the link for you hat made OnPurpose!

Not Really a Hat Person?

If you’re not really a hat person but still feel lead to give I totally understand. That’s why I made this special donation button just for you!